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EmpathAI — Connecting computer scientists with psychologists

The essence of AI is mathematics. The ‘two plus two equals four’ kind. These equations increasingly power business decisions, as data can be incredibly accurate and targeted at explaining the historical, statistical what’s — what was purchased, at what time, what price.

But data is not good at explaining the psychological why’s. And in real life, there are many instances where numbers lie. In political math, in art, sometimes even in judicial systems. Our world is complex. Or lives far from adding two to two.

If AI’s aim is to build machines that are supposed to ‘think’ and act in…

Motiv8AI human understanding, psychology driven AI

Since Darthmouth launched the principal AI research project in 1956 (the project which is commonly viewed as the introduction of AI), the assembly of a few technology advancements has empowered AI to accomplish breakthroughs that have become commercially available.

The ever-changing nature of customer experience is one such field of breakthrough for AI.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, customers expect to have personalized, frictionless, on-demand and data-driven experience helping them to make more informed decisions. Yet, to cater to the demands of the “always connected” customer, it is essential that businesses must embrace technology and understand their customers better.


When we hear the word Artificial Intelligence (AI), most of us would naturally think it has to do with “something related to computers”. Not many would fathom that there is a significant relationship between AI and psychology.

Truth is, one could go so far as to say psychology is inevitable in AI. Assuming AI is the creation of machines that react and act in a way that would normally require human intelligence, psychological components become even more important.

It is necessary to introduce and distinguish AI from true or real AI (Artificial General Intelligence “AGI”). Technically defined, AGI is the…


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