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Customer experience and AI

Motiv8AI human understanding, psychology driven AI

Since Darthmouth launched the principal AI research project in 1956 (the project which is commonly viewed as the introduction of AI), the assembly of a few technology advancements has empowered AI to accomplish breakthroughs that have become commercially available.

The ever-changing nature of customer experience is one such field of breakthrough for AI.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, customers expect to have personalized, frictionless, on-demand and data-driven experience helping them to make more informed decisions. Yet, to cater to the demands of the “always connected” customer, it is essential that businesses must embrace technology and understand their customers better.

Advances in AI are now strongly influencing the customer purchase journey; strengthening and aligning the entire customer experience as desired by corporations.

Specifically, advances in AI have the potential to improve the customer experience by increasing companies’ knowledge about those customers’ preferences and patterns of purchasing products or services (Evans, 2019). By deploying AI technologies strategically at different key customer touch points, companies may reap significant benefits by increasing customer satisfaction and thereby reducing churn and increasing loyalty.

As AI continues to transform the customer experience through personalization, deeper engagement, and proactive service, companies that employ this technology have a competitive edge over those who have not yet embraced its benefits.

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